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Online Business in 2010 – How to Promote Your Site Online

If you have an online business on the internet there are many ways you can promote your site online. There are services that you can pay for to promote your site to search engine, advertising models, site referrals and other social media.

The basic of site promotion as many know is to submit to search engines, simply go to the search site and look for submit site or search on the site and submit your URL. There are free and cost effective programs that use companies to submit your site for you. For example sitesubmit, submit pro, submitexpress and are some examples. is an example of a free site submit program.

How about advertising online? Good AdWords is a popular way and you can find numerous information on the Google website. Another good way is to look for ezines, online trade journals and associations that are relevant in your industry.

Advertising is more and more popular online, whether it be text link ads, banner ads or motion ads are becoming more popular. In the past interactive games that led to prizes were quite popular. Then text link ads became the mainstream. Google AdWords is popular, but viral social ad marketing is becoming a new and cost effective innovative way.

It also helps to build groups and get feedback from your customers in addition to traditional media.For more recent ways, social media is expanding and sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube are ways to promote your site virally and fast through the connections of other people and groups. In future articles we will detail further ways and companies that can help you with site promotion.

IAHBE – The Top Resource For Your Home Based Business

If you have a home based business you probably have searched the Internet for resources to help you grow your business. While there is no lack of Internet sites offering to help you there are very few that truly offer a quality product.One of the most difficult aspects of running a business from home is finding reliable resources to help you with your business.Many websites that claim to be a source of help for a home based business owner are nothing more then a back office for a particular affiliate program. While the site may offer useful information on promoting a business it usually geared towards some form of affiliate marketing.Another drawback to most Internet based business resources is they usually cater to the Internet home business owner. The vast amount of the information they offer will center around promoting your website and in turn their affiliate product.The top business resource I have come across is the International Association Of Home Business Entrepreneurs. The IAHBE offers resources that any home based business owner can use regardless of the type.What makes IAHBE so unique is that while it is associated with one of the top affiliate marketing programs in existence (SFI), you will be hard pressed to find any mention of it. The editors of the site focus on all home based business owners and offer advice and information to help them become successful.After you join IAHBE you will have full access to a library of exclusive and expert marketing materials that represents the top resources for the home based business owner.The website is set up in sections, each designed for you to get the most information available.Section One- The learning center- is the heart of the IAHBE. Here, you’ll find exclusive articles, expert reports, audio tutorials, home-business e-books and marketing courses, and lots of other tools and resources to help you set up, build, expand, and run a profitable home based business.Section Two- IAHBE Extras- Here you will get $1000.00 worth of bonuses available to every IAHBE member. FREE audio cassettes, books and more!!Miscellaneous Features- This section is with out a doubt the most valuable area of IAHBE in it you will find.Book of the Month- Each month a new book is available to members. These are not some cheap e-books slapped together with a bunch of affiliate links embedded for you to download. Every month a top authors book about how to run a successful home based business is made available for FREE.Magazine of the Month- Again, not some low cost download or a cheap newsletter emailed to you but some of the top home based business magazines are available each month with a year subscription included for FREE with your membership!News Headlines- You no longer need to search the Internet for news for home based business owners. Each week on the post-login homepage, you’ll find updated links to the most important, pertinent headlines from major news sources around the world to news stories you should be reading.Whether you have a Internet home business designed around affiliate marketing or a traditional home based business, IAHBE will help you and your business become successful.